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  Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds


Adjustable Beds, Motion Beds

1-800Fastbed.com - Adjustable beds Long Island,New York,Best prices on factory direct motion bases and adjustable mattresses.We offer advanced design adjustable beds that offer you a life of luxury on so many satisfying levels. Choose the position just right for watching TV, reading, relaxing or sleeping. Twin extra Long,Full size,Queen size for fast delivery.

Special features on our adjustable beds include convenient hand controls, an infinite choice of adjustable positions, optional variable speed massage with timer to soothe sore muscles and tension.

Choose from MANY different designs and models. Whether you are looking for special comfort for yourself, or are in need of a hospital bed, we will help you to decide which design model is right for you! MEMORY FOAM, LATEX, INNER SPRING, WE HAVE THEM ALL!

Our goal is that our adjustable mattress will not only offer you the best night's sleep possible, but that it will also rejuvenate your body and soul. Adjustable beds are for everyone! They can be helpful for athletes as well as people who wish to enjoy a healthier lifestyle than they do now. The ability to adjust the bed to your preferences and comfort gives you a better sleep experience, which translates into better physical and mental acuity, and a more positive outlook on life. Explore our website and learn how our adjustable beds and mattresses can renew your energy today!

Adjustable Bed Electric Mattresses Adjustable Mattress


Your body needs quality sleep in order to awaken refreshed and recharged, ready to take on any challenge your day has to offer. Scientists believe that the deepest stages of sleep are key to its restorative powers; that deep sleep is necessary to help fight off illness and recharge your immune system; and that deep sleep is also needed to help your brain fully process the events and experiences of each day. An Adjusta-Flex Adjustable Bed from BOYD can transform an ordinary flat bed into a revolutionary sleep system that can adjust to your every need, thus providing the perfect sleep surface for any situation!

Isn't it time you experience the healthy benefits an adjustable bed has to offer?

1-800 FASTBED has all your new innerspring, memory foam and latex mattresses work well on adjustable beds. They provide excellent support while being able to conform to the adjustable frame.

Feel secure in knowing your adjustable bed mattress is made with quality materials when you purchase a brand name mattress from us!

Adjustables LifeStyles S-Cape Platform
Adjustable Frame

Fits into most headboards and footboards. Fits over most bed frames.
Available also as a platform bed.

• PowerLift Operating System designed to accommodate increased weight capacity and ultra-premium mattresses
• 2 height adjustments to accommodate most case goods. Other height options are available
• One touch programmable position feature that brings you to your favorite position and massage level
• Two variable speed therapeutic body massagers relax tired muscles head to foot in "wave" motion
• See-in-the-dark back-lit remote hand wand with one-touch "flat" position button
• Twin wheel locking casters for easy mobility when needed
• Headboard brackets included
• Mechanism and electronics UL listed
• King and Cal King are dual frame sets
• Mattress ordered separately

Adjustable Cutaway
Serta Adjustable Bed


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